Light leads the way in West Mabou

West Mabou Provincial Park, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

The meaning of Mabou:

Mi’kmaq: Mȧbu or Malabo, from Malabokek, meaning “place where two rivers meet” (Mabou and Southwest Mabou rivers). It is also thought to mean shining or sparkling waters.

Gaidhlig: An Drochaid meaning “The Bridge”

These photographs were made one chilly October evening in West Mabou Beach. Over the course of 45 minutes the light changed in what seemed to be a thousand different ways. Strolling up and down the beach with my family I tried to capture this magical light and moment. It’s easy to see why Mabou is a place photographer Robert Frank calls home.


IMG_0252IMG_0246IMG_0245IMG_0344IMG_0253IMG_0345IMG_0357IMG_0240IMG_0334IMG_0335IMG_0324IMG_0329 (1)IMG_0319IMG_0326 (1)IMG_0318IMG_0317IMG_0316 (1)IMG_0315 (1)IMG_0306IMG_0305IMG_0290IMG_0271IMG_0235IMG_0256IMG_0266IMG_0264IMG_0329IMG_0328IMG_0292IMG_0338IMG_0355IMG_0346


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  1. Simone Stewart says:

    Great pictures !!!!!!!! The title of the post really suits !!!!!!!!

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