Thanksgiving Treats

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m currently working on thanksgiving dinner #2.

Yesterday I made 2 pumpkin pies and a pumpkin pudding to send off to a big family dinner I could not attend. All desserts were gluten free and the 2 pumpkin pies were vegan. 1 pie I made with canned pumpkin and the other I made with roasted acorn squash that was supposed to be for soup but a simple twist of fate had it turned into pie. The squash pie was a bright orange and dryer so it cracked upon baking more (next time I’ll add less squash and more almond milk to make sure it’s the right consistency). The pie that was made with canned pumpkin looked to be a more traditional consistency and brownish orange colour! Sadly I didn’t get to attend or taste either of the pies but there was none left over so I take that as a pretty good sign!

Then I made a roast butternut squash dish with candied pecans and fried sage to take to my partner’s family dinner. Squash was the only thing I could think of that his grandmother did not have in her amazing thanksgiving feast. I first made it for his family a couple years ago and since then this dish has apparently become famous and most-requested (no pressure!).

In the spirit of thanks and saving time in the kitchen here is one of the quickest desserts there is! The recipe is courtesy of my Nana Bonnie -a person that I am very grateful for.

It’s not the prettiest – but it is quick and tasty! Add a dollop of whip cream or ice cream and a sprinkle of spice and you’ve plated a beautifully simple, unique and delicious thanksgiving dessert.


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  1. Simone Stewart says:

    Great post from a great baker/cook !!!!!!!!! Your food is fantastic and you have a flare for writing mouthwatering stories about very interesting food !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Simone! I’m glad you enjoy my blog 🙂

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