Fare Thee Well Flounders Hall

Isaac L. Stewart

Disclaimer: What follows is an opinion piece. You are free to agree, or disagree, with what I have to say. All I ask is that you at least consider what you read.

G’day there!

Whew, what a week! Things have really ramped up at Deli Gasta now that our roadside signage has been installed, and I’ve barely been able to surface for air. I have lost complete track of how many cappuccinos I’ve cranked out, but I know it has to be a lot. Outside of work, I’ve recently managed to get chased along a narrow footpath by an aggressive highland cow, and witness a sheep give birth on a cliffside ledge somewhere near Kylerrhea. It was equal parts mesmerizing and horrifying.

O.K., enough of that. Now to business.

There was some big news on the Island history front recently, although in my opinion it was news none too surprising:…

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