Lunch out of Nada


When you need a good, wholesome lunch but have nothing much in the cupboard this is a tasty meal to turn to. 

Open-face tuna melt with a side of greens

-Take a slice of bread, could be the end of the loaf, could be a little stale, beauty is it doesn’t matter cuz you’re toasting it. I most often have on hand Silver Hills sprouted ancient grain bread.

-Mix can of tuna with mayo or veganaise of your choice. Chop and add whatever else you’d like: celery, carrots, green or red onion, fresh herbs, all work great. Add squeeze of lemon juice, pepper.

-Top the toast with your tuna mix, add some tomato or avocado perhaps, top with some cheese (or daiya or nutritional yeast).

-Place in oven on BROIL. Wait and watch (it won’t take long) when cheese bubbles and starts to brown it’s done and coming to a plate near your mouth!

*Take this to next-level nutritious by adding a handful of lovely greens drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, or carrots & celery sticks 🙂

*Ultra-luxe add-ons you didn’t even know you had on hand: nasturtiums or other edible flowers from your garden, hot-sauce, sprouts, hemp hearts, you name it!

BIG P.S. For all you Veganistas out there (lil sis, I’m talking to you) canned tuna won’t be in your pantry, but sunflower seeds might be! In which case, you need to check out the amazing Vegan Tuna recipe in Sarah Britton’s beautiful cook book My New Roots.



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