Heirloom from Holland

Isaac L. Stewart

G’day there!

Well, it’s been an absolute nutter of a week here, but I’m happy to report that Deli Gasta is more or less officially opening as of tomorrow (Saturday)! It was a heckuva process to get it up and running, with far too many curveballs to count, but somehow it’s all come together. Now the trick is to keep it humming along.

Other highlights from this past week include:

Sunday – While walking home from the grocery store, we were confronted by two tiny children (a boy and a girl), who randomly wandered out of a field near our house. They stood in our path, and as we drew up to them, they just stared at us with disembodied eyes, and in equally disembodied voices said: “WE ARE CHILD”. Then they just ran away. I fully expect to wake up one night to the sight of one, or both…

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