The More Muffins the Merrier


Made a few heaps of healthy muffins.

Froze them.

Now I have a freezer-full of tasty treats to-go.

Do you have any favourite muffin recipes? Share the muffin love with me, please!

I prefer low-fat (using applesauce or oil instead of butter), wheat-free (I like using spelt, brown rice flour, almond meal, buckwheat) or vegan muffins (using flax or chia instead of egg for extra fibre and nutrients).

Here are a couple of my favourite recipes:

ORANGE CHIA SEED MUFFINS  by Edible Perspective

WILD PEI BLUEBERRY MUFFINS adapted from My Father’s Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow

-BUCKWHEAT, BANANA AND CARROT MUFFINS from the newly published Simply Nigella

LUCY’S PUMPKIN MUFFINS recipe from the back of Bob’s Red Mill brown rice flour

P.S. COOL FREEZER TIP: When muffins are cool, individually wrap the in cling-wrap before putting them all in a freezer bag. It prevents them from sticking together, and they’re all packaged and ready to be grabbed by greedy hands!


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