Flowers in Winter

When days are dark and cold a few flowers go a long way in adding some bright. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – a few simple stems or some locally grown Tulips (yes, tulips are here)!

Amidst snow storms and sub-zero temperatures Vanco Farms’ Tulips have been growing  and now they’ve burst into bloom! Whether it feels like it or not, these Dutch beauties are sure signs that we are moving (shovelling) into the light of a new season.

If winter doldrums have you down, make the short drive out to Mount Albion, about 15 minutes from downtown Charlottetown. Pick up a bouquet of freshly cut, island-grown, tulips for $5! Put them in a vase (a mason jar or bottle will do lovely) and place them wherever you need a little cheer. I guarantee they will serve as a reminder that spring really is a reality, in the not too distant future.

For more info about Vanco Tulips visit their website.

You can also pick up tulips (and more!) every Saturday at Isobel’s Flower Farm stall at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market from 9am-2pm.



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