Moveable Café

O, how I love a good Café. Or just a good cuppa.

The sights, the sounds, the people watching, the simple indulgence of having a delicious beverage handcrafted for you.

Somewhere to escape to.

Somewhere to sit and think or simply sit and sip.

It’s a ritual both stimulating and soothing. I think that’s why I’m drawn to discovering different cafes when I travel. Adventuring can be exhausting, so I’m often in need of a caffeine perk on the road. Perhaps I’m in need of that familiar , reassuring coffee routine. I also want to slip into the heart of the place and experience a local brew. It’s all very anthropological.

I’m starting a new theme on this blog called Moveable Café (ya I’m a Hemingway nerd too). This page will feature posts about cafes “around the world”, well at least my world as I have discovered it so far.

The purpose is two-fold: share the gems of cafes I have discovered with others who might find themselves in search of some goodness in the very same places, and it offers me the opportunity to reminisce about the cafes I’ve been to and daydream about the cafes I’ve yet to open the door to. It also affords me a venue for sharing all my ubiquitous cappuccino instagrams, which I’m sorry not sorry for. My delight upon receiving a beautiful cappuccino is too great, I just can never resist snapping.

I’d love to hear about your favourite cafés and what makes them special.


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