A Tobogganing We Will Go

Winter Road
Winter Road

One of the best ways of rolling along through long winters is to find a fun outdoor activity.  If you’ve got snow and you’ve got hills where you live, you’ve got yourselves an awesome afternoon. Climb to the top of a big hill,  sit on a toboggan (sled, saucer, tube),  get your friend to give you a little nudge or a running bobsled push, depending on your need for speed, and laugh (or scream) as you soar down the slick, snowy surface.

Breathe in that crisp air, climb back up the hill and do it all over again, and again, and again. This is so much fun it’s hard to believe it’s also a really tough work-out! You’ll get an awesome cardio-burst clambering up the hill, not to mention conditioning for your quads and glutes, oh, and you gotta engage that core to stay on the sled as it’s in motion!

Don’t stop until your cheeks are rosy and your belly hurts from laughing.

Pack a canteen with tea or hot chocolate to warm yourself up on the ride home.

He's Flying!
He’s Flying!
Climbing to the Top, Dusk
Climbing to the Top, Dusk

If you’re a tobogganing newbie here’s a Safety Warning from Mother Bear: Make sure you’ve got plenty of open space away from other sledders, trees, and buildings to avoid crashes. The bottom of the hill should be someplace with a safe landing – never near a source of danger such as roads or water/ice. Always be prepared to abandon sled by rolling out of it or slowing it down by digging your heels into the ground.


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