It’s a Marshmallow World

The Beach, New Year's Eve
The Beach, New Year’s Eve

“Oh, the world is a snowball see how it grows…”

Dean Martin’s crooning couldn’t be more à propos to the Island’s Winter this year. It does appear that the Island is one ginormous snowball.

“The world is your snowball, just for a song, get out and roll it along.”

The most important message from “A Marshmallow World”  is that although Winter seems to last forever, it really is just a passing song. There’s no use battling it or whining about. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, folks, it’s supposed to be cold, it’s supposed to snow! Stop with the denial, try some form of acceptance… and you just might find yourself opening up to embrace the snow.

If you can’t beat it, if you can’t book a flight to Florida, you might as well get out and make the most of it.

I don’t think Islanders realize that to many people from different parts of the world this Northern Winter is quintessentially Canadian and well,  pretty awe-some! Over the past four months my family has befriended an Australian couple who are living on the Island temporarily. Coming from a subtropical part of Australia, they don’t have changes in Seasons like we do. They are so in awe of the snow, and embrace it with such an adventurous spirit, that made me realize I needed to get more of that attitude back in my life. I think we all had that attitude when we were kids. The first big snowfall and you’d put your snowsuit on and spend the day building forts and sledding and making snowmen until after dark. Only coming in when your little hands were so cold you needed a brief hot chocolate break before going back out. We’d go outdoor pond skating and skiing every weekend. A lot of adults seem to lose this positive winter spirit. I know a large part is because the snow creates complications and added responsibility. You’ve got to wake up earlier to scrape the snow off your car, you’ve got to shovel yourself out, etc. But there’s a lot to be said for stopping being so angry about the weather and start appreciating it, or at the very least, accepting it. Get some Vitamin D while you’re at it – you’re most definitely deficient if you live in this part of the world!

My number one tip for enjoyment of winter weather is DRESS for the weather! BE PRACTICAL. If you go trotting around in heels or sneakers with no hats, mitts or scarf and your coat hanging open, you WILL be miserable. No wonder you’ve got the hate on for Winter.

Some people do not have money for appropriate outerwear (donating unwanted outerwear to local charities is a good idea). People that do have money to afford winter wear, but don’t wear it out of foolishness are ridiculous! I don’t know what that’s about? Is it because you don’t like the style of winter clothes? Yes, the layers and the boots can be cumbersome, but it sure beats the alternative of freezing. Nothing could be more stylish than dressing appropriately for the weather and the climate you live in. So put on your long-johns and get out there!

This photograph was snapped while (dressed appropriately)  on a walk along the North Shore on New Year’s Eve. It was about -30 degrees celsius. This stunning scene was the perfect way to end 2013.


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