Wrap ‘n Roll

I love cranking the Elvis Christmas Album and wrapping presents! I’ve taken a new interest in finding unique (and eco-friendly) ways of doing so. I save and re-use paper, tags, ribbons, fabric, and interesting cases and boxes that make perfect vessels for holding gifts. This year I added more natural elements to a lot of my wrapping: scraps of pine, twine, and raffia. I adore the look and cost-effectiveness of having a plain roll of brown kraft paper, brown paper bag, or newspaper. The neutral colour is a perfect blank canvas for jazzing it up with a plethora of options, be it ribbons, stamps, or fabric. I looked for interesting embellishments, such as doilies, to layer on the wrapping. My favourite DIY project of the Season were the luggage tags I made using my own photographic prints of island landscapes. One of my cousins liked them so much she bought some to use for her wrapping.

When it comes to wrapping, I know what I like, but I don’t stick to one style. I like mixing it up depending on who the present is for,  what the present is, and what my mood is! I love the process of  giving gifts and wrapping is part of the joy of the process for me, because I so appreciate the special thrill of receiving and carefully unwrapping a gift.

I’d like to continue wrapping and rolling throughout the year, for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc. I’ve neatly organized my wrapping area to encourage easy creativity rather than the last minute scramble for some kind of bag and crumpled tissue paper.


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  1. I love these wrapping ideas! I like to get creative and upcycle lots of innovative materials too. Also love craft paper. The plaid fabric parcel with the brooch was my favorite. I’m just about to recycle this yer’s cards for next year’s wrappings! Thanks for the inspiration! Which is your island?

  2. Islander says:

    Thanks Johanne! Glad you enjoyed the ideas. Recycling cards is a great and fun idea!
    Most of my blogs will either be about Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island, Sanibel Island, or the Isle of Skye.
    The Christmas blogs are coming from P.E.I.

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