An Island Christmas

Like the song, I do always dream of a white Christmas. Christmas  2013 on the Island was the snowiest in a long, long time. Last year there was just a sprinkling. This year over 60cm had fallen by Christmastime. Dreaming, was not necessary. Islanders were living the Christmas dream. If you can forget about the fact that the snow brings with it transportation and logistic chaos, and forget about the feeling of trudging around precariously in your Sorel boots while stuffed into Michelin-man-esque parkas like a plump harbour seal everywhere you go, the snow is really quite lovely. If you can quiet your bah-humbugs, you’ll hear the hush of silence that comes from being surrounded by a thick blanket of snow. The purity of the snow and its ability to completely disguise November’s drab dirty sidewalks and dead vegetation with astounding speed is something miraculously beautiful. And I love when the snow is wild and heavy and forces closures, forces people to stop their daily running around. And with that comes a stillness and temporary peace. I relish that feeling, especially at such a busy time of year.

Despite the snow, Christmas was as busy as ever. However, I only did what I wanted to do, and took the pressure off myself.  I only bought what I could afford and baked what I had time to. Before Christmas, my mind ran wild with ideas of all the things I wanted to do and make and bake and write and say. But with not enough hours in the days, I gave myself permission to not complete everything I wanted to. I made a list of baking I wanted to do and checked a couple recipes off the list. Well, that ended up being  just the right amount. Had I have baked all that was on my list, it would have gone beyond over-indulgence! What was most important to me this year was the time spent relaxing (or trying to, at the very least) with family and friends, savouring the moments, and all that food. I also gave myself time to get creative and experiment with different recipes and different ways of wrapping gifts and packaging my baked goods.

In my downtime, over a cups of tea, I enjoyed browsing blogs this Christmas to see how other people across the world celebrate Christmas. I was so inspired, I thought I’d follow-suit and share some of my favourite things from this Holiday Season. Stay-tuned for a couple of Christmasy Island posts…

P.S. I’m storm-stayed today (yes, more snow!) and sitting by the fire gazing at the Christmas tree, enjoying one of the last few precious days of the pine’s twinklings.


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  1. Thanks for this snowy story and pics. I guess islands aren’t all tropical! And thanks for following!

    1. Islander says:

      Haha, they sure aren’t! Thanks for the comments! Glad you enjoyed the snowy story.

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