Washing-up in Skye


A portrait of morning light spilling over my kitchen sink in the Isle of Skye.

Not at all an arduous task on a day-off when all that is grungy starts sparkling.

My mother is a photographer and took a series of black and white ‘still life’ photographs of her kitchen sink and implements in Montreal. They used to be framed and hung by the kitchen table on our kitchen wall. Friends would ask “what is that?”.  I always thought they were stunning in the simplicity of their lines and not so-straightforward meaning. Perhaps those photographs were the inspiration. The beauty of the hard-washing tasks of the past, those at hand and those that continue to pile up every day.


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    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.

  1. Simone Stewart says:

    Beautiful picture and an awesome, vivid description !!!!!!!!

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