Coffee Meditation


I wish I could say that I start everyday by meditating. But maybe I can say this afterall?

Coffee is always something I start my day with (after a warm glass of lemon water or apple cider vinegar).  It is usually poured into a travel mug and chugged on the way to work or abandoned somewhere, half-finished and cold. For the first time in a while, I have had the pleasure of taking time to enjoy coffee at home. And by enjoying I mean, making my favourite cup (almond milk cappuccino) in my favourite way (Aeropress), and savouring every sip. Sometimes while sipping, I read The Simple Things magazine or simply stare out the window or into the bottom of my cup.  Meditation…is it seriously that simple (lazy)? It is, I think! If you are an early riser (I am definitely not) you probably have time for more regular morning coffee meditations… (there’s a New Year’s Resolution to be found somewhere in there for me).

It is nice nourishment for the soul, especially when the weather is colder, to wrap your hands around a warm cup of something. So, tell me, what is your favourite method for brewing coffee at home, what beans do you use and when you have time for a slow coffee what will you be reading?


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  1. Simone Stewart says:

    Very nice read and it sure sounds like meditation to me !!!!!!!!

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