Winter in Argyle Shore

Sometimes it’s just too cold to do anything outside (like last week’s -35 degrees celsius) but I still want to be outside. In warmer weather, I would feel a tad guilty if I just went for a drive and didn’t get out for a walk but I feel no such thing in wintertime. Look (below) at the beauty that awaits when you get out of the house, out of the city and hit those open winter roads. You don’t have to go far outside of Charlottetown to feel your heart at one with the heart of this island. One of my favourite summer haunts is Argyle Shore and it really does haunt in the winter light. My Great-Grandparents and dear Great-Aunt are buried, with a view, in the Argyle Shore Cemetery. These blurry photographs were shot out of the passenger window and windshield as we drove through scene after beautiful scene.



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  1. Simone says:

    Awesome read and pictures Meg !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into a small part of this great island !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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