Wholesome Island Oats


The pretty packaging of Heatherdale Wholesome Goods’ Organic, Cold-pressed OATS caught my eye. I picked up a 1kg bag of these Prince Edward Island grown oats at the newly opened (and much welcomed) Murphy’s health centre and food-mart on Queen St.  (Islander directions: “where the old Co-op was”).  At $6.99/bag they were worth every penny. They were the freshest, loveliest oats I’ve ever tasted. Yay! I love oats and I love that I can buy local, organic oats!

I’m currently writing a to-make list of all the yummy oat creations I can think of: porridge (proper thing), granola, oatmeal cookies, apple crisp etc…. I will share the results with you soon.

What are your favourite recipes full of oaten goodness?

For more info on Heatherdale Wholesome Goods visit their website 


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  1. Nara Simmonds says:

    Love your way Meg…with words, photography and how you weave it into something beautiful and that I want to see more of. Xo

  2. Thanks for your kind words Nara! Hopefully there will be more to see if I keep at it… xx

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